4 of spades


Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Obstacles, decrease, delay

The 4 of spades is one of my cards for no. If something seems to be moving quickly in a reading, and I pull this card, I know to expect some type of obstacle hindering completing, whether it be simply delays or if something has come to a full standstill. At work, this can make your environment seem almost as a prison, and it may be riddled with inefficient and slow delays. It can show that things are being withheld for whatever reason the surrounding cards dictate. With money it can represent either stinginess or a general lack of money. In love it represents a sour note in the relationship, at least on a mental level. In terms of physical health, this card sometimes can indicate illness. In terms of space it can represent filling an area with negativity or obstacles. In the latter case, it can indicate a pessimistic mindset. This is not a very pleasant card, unless you want and *need* a slower pace, which in that case could work in your favor.

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4 of diamonds

Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Vaults, Storehouses, Certainty

The 4 of diamonds and the 4 of spades are two of my cards for yes and no respectively. As such, the 4 of diamonds offers a certain definable space in reality that is not present in the other 4’s. In financial matters, it can represent items representing value, aka, checks, money, dollars etc. the 4 of diamonds also represents spaces where such items are kept: safes, banks, that special desk drawer, and piggy banks. In matters of business and work it represents the line by line details involved in accomplishing tasks and goals. For example, let’s say you want to lose 40 lbs in 10 months. The exercise plan would be the 4 of clubs, the dieting plan would be the 4 of diamonds. In love, however, this card makes relationships much more tactile oriented and touchy (not necessarily feely, unfortunately). It can represent relationships based on what one can get out of the partner, and it can imply relationships where one is stuck in the “friend zone.”

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4 of clubs

Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Plans, processes, verdicts

The 4 of hearts and the 4 of clubs both have a “tentative” nature about them in which, depending upon its placement and the question, can result in an outcome that can go either way. In playing card cartomancy, the 4 of clubs takes on a more formal and organization type of tone, indicating applications and documents that may be up for review. On the plus side, so long as other impediment or shady cards don’t appear after it, it will indicate that that the application or document will pass the vetting process (eventually). It may also indicate something being delayed due to processing problems. In love, this could mean making solid plans for the future. With regard to wealth it means developing and creating a long term plan. 4 of clubs represents spaces where ideas, plans, and information is generated and organized.

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4 of hearts


Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Steadfastness, titles and labels, and comfort

The 4 of hearts and the 4 of clubs both have a “tentative” nature about them in which, depending upon its placement and the question, can result in an outcome that can go either way. In playing card cartomancy, the 4 of hearts represents anything physical thing that brings one comfort. In love it can represent a relationship that’s going steady, either becoming #facebookofficial as another’s boyfriend or girlfriend, or finally being married, or crossing sexual thresholds. As you can see with each of these, there is a sense of attainment, a new emotional desire fulfilled, so things involving the 4 of hearts indicates a level of subjectivity. At work it can represent work that is not physically taxing, and as it pertains to finances, it can also indicate expenditures on items that bring one lasting comfort (or, on the dark side, it can represent hoarding…).

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4’s: Stability and Foundations

Numerical Value: 4

Numerical Nature: Structure, Fixity, and Familiarity

Keywords: Plans, Stability, Pause

General Remarks

4’s indicate some sort of foundation as is indicated by the suits. It can be a bit of a hum drum number in a reading sometimes. On one hand, things are somewhat stable, and on the other hand, there’s not much change going on. In addition to representing general foundations, it can also represent containers of various sorts. While initial instincts will dictate that 4’s will represent square containers specifically, definitely keep an open mind. It can represent any type of container.

As mentioned before, the 4’s can be a little humdrum in a reading. There’s not a lot of movement going on, and this in itself can be an issue in situations where you need some change in your life.  As such, all of the 4’s and some of the 8’s can sometimes indicate obstacles.

Philosophical Perspective

Fours are the twos squared. If there were four people in a room, each person would be able to establish some sort of relationship with one other person without anyone  being left out. Furthermore, each person could also change partners and there would be an implicit understanding of the nature of each of the 4 people. In this sense, we have a sense of community or organizational rules and structures.


The mistress of the household was sitting comfortably on her couch (4H) as her husband sets aside money to be deposited into his bank account (4D). They were trying to save up for some vacation plans that they had made (4D), but they had experienced a setback last month when their son became sick (4S).


3 of spades

Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Spite, unwanted interventions, rumors

Remember when I said that I perceive the 3 of spades having its charm in a sadistic way? Well for starters feelings like sadism would classify as a “3 of spades” type of feeling. This is the card which indicates betrayal, back stabbing, back biding, and all of those terrible social feelings which result from the tactical application of confusion and deceit. This is the card that you’re likely to see often if you’re in high school and your friend group is super shady: it indicates gossiping and sometimes duplicity. It’s the card of cloaks and daggers, and it is often quite yucky. In love it represents cheating and lying. In terms of wealth it can indicate money being missing or misplaced. Whenever you see this card, just know you may have a situation where nasty little vices (usually, in my opinion, social in nature) are at play and have the potential to undermine your status and reputation.

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3 of diamonds

Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Inconsistency, incremental, organizing

My baseline reading of the 3 of diamonds includes one who is just straight up scatterbrained and unfocused, indicating a person who’s ideas go every direction that sometimes sabotage their own goals and cause unnecessarily delays and accidents. In work  and money it represents a part time job or making a little money here and there. In love it represents someone who is fickle and doesn’t really know what he or she wants. Like the 3 of hearts it can refer to one who is a bit of a flirt, but with even less intention for commitment or stability; the individual doesn’t take matters as seriously as he or she should. When you see this card, think of Katy Perry’s song:

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3 of clubs


Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Growth, production, organizing

Where the 3 of hearts can be a card of all play and little work, the 3 of clubs can be the opposite: work and little play. It is the card of the busy bee, one who is handling his or her business. You know how at work you have that sweet spot where you are in this lovely mellow hum of focus resulting in a very productive day? That is the nature of the 3 of clubs in working situations. In love, it may indicate working with other’s outside the relationship on a task, a lover that is focused on work, or a couple working on building an empire. In terms of wealth, it may indicate doing that which is needed to ensure financial stability in the long run, kind of like a side hustle. On its worst side, it indicates that you’re not doing enough in the situation to accomplish your tasks and goals, whether it be financial, at work, or in love.

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Marriage Talismans for Sale






I’ve made 4 pairs of talismans for couples who are either engaged or married. There are three statements of intent sigilized on the talisman: That patience, diligence, and tolerance are cultivated, that husband and wife coexist lovingly, healthily, and in sobriety, and that gardens and plants yield a bountiful harvest. I also asked Juno, Ceres, and Iris to further bless the talismans and bless the relationships. The Mercurial markings are present to encourage communication and healing between the couple. Each talisman has a matching companion as shown above, and they are about the size of business cards (approximately 2 in x 3 in). On the back, there is a verse from the Song of Solomon as well as the alchemical symbols for Jupiter an Venus. They were made by hand using water color paper, water color, and ink.  I’ve only made 4 this time around, and one has already been sold. If you would like one, let me know and I’ll make more 🙂 You can get your pair for just $30.

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The Major Petite Mort

As one can guess from the title, this is a mandala created with fertility, sex, and love in mind. Developed from a seed sigil, the minor Petite Mort, this mandala is magical and created with Venusian and Lunar components: when one meditates on it from center out, it will assist one in addressing matters and hangups relating to love and sex to the end of having a fulfilling orgasm. The imagery budding from the center breaks down from the confinements attributed to sex as merely the interaction of the physical, and as the focus broadens from the center and into the edges of the mandala, the sexual act is removed from its limited physical expression to that of creation and divine love.

Within the mandala are subtle representations of the male and female genitalia, and towards the outer portions of the mandala are images of fruit which symbolize fertility and the higher virtues associated with sex:

Blueberries: Protection, safety, and preservation.
Raspberries: Female fertility and health.
Mangos: Divine and cosmic love.

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