A New, Emerging Business

Long time no see!

So I have a TON of news.

1. First, I slid all of my paperwork to the state just at the onset of Covid-19. Cosmic SophisTree LLC is a business now! Hurrah!

2. With that being said, I am also formally expanding my services into writing, editing, and communication. To better gauge the needs of the communities I am a part of, I also started circulating a survey.


I’m trying to find out where people have challenges in communicating at work or in their own businesses. I’m looking for participants 18+ (especially if you’ve traveled to the US several times). My goal is to have at least 100 participants. Ideally I would like to have 200.

I intend on asking follow up questions at a later time. Thus, those who share their contact information with me will have an opportunity to enter drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. I’ll announce winners on August 10th.


4. I started a new channel to help me work through some emotional matters pertaining to love. You can find my channel, Ariel’s Grotto, here:


5. I will have a new website, possibly start a new subscription in the coming months.

Those are the MAJOR things going on right now. I’ll probably post a few more posts on love in the near future, so stay tuned.

Okay, now I’ve got to bounce for a little bit!

Please stay safe, and don’t forget your masks of your choose to go outside!

Sync with the Flow: Goal Development with Lunar readings

Hi everyone!

I’ve been creating a series of videos for developing your goals while taking the pulse of the moon into consideration. Why the moon though?

Well, the moon is one of the planetary spheres that most directly effects manifestation (and illusions). Even many traditional sources state to avoid certain actions if the moon is in a disadvantageous sign or aspects certain planets. In essence, there’s a time for everything, and that timing usually links most closely to how the moon performs in the astrological climate.

A new video will be published every new and full moon. Typically, its best to begin or develop things during the new moon, and during the full moon refine the idea by removing whatever doesn’t work. To use the videos, figure out your natal sun, moon, and ascendant sign. Consider the Sun sign to be the center or main issue you may have to contend with. The moon sign will be some of the internal issues you may face. The ascendant sign will address the superficial appearances of the situation.

For example, if my sun sign were Sagittarius, my moon sign were Scorpio, and my ascendant were Aries, I would click the time stamps in the video description for the Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Aries. I would note the message for each video segment and note any similarities or differences between each. I would also watch the general overview of the lunar energies which would act as a short general reading.

Of course, these are general readings for the general public: some predictions may apply to you specifically, and others may not. For an in-depth, personal, reading you can make an appointment with me by purchasing time. Please like, share, subscribe, and let me know what you think in the comments section!

7’s: Justice and Adaptation

Numerical Value: 7

Numerical Nature: Unexpected; sudden; the occult (unseen)

Keywords: Karma, Justice, Luck, Fate

General Remarks

The 7’s indicate the completely unexpected: sudden wins, sudden losses, things suddenly breaking, and sudden recovery. Because of its unexpected nature, it also indicates that there is information and knowledge one may not be privy to, strings are being pulled from behind the scenes.

While the 6 cards have a more deviant connotation though they are solar, the 7 cards have a more divine connotation though they are carnal. I personally associate the 7’s with nature and the struggles with growth which I associate with concepts related to the planet Venus.

Philosophical Perspective

While the 5’s indicates conflict due to instincts and necessity, the 7’s are much more conceptual. 5+2 is a two-to-tango, hot potato pattern that involves collaboration in handing tensions, conflicts, and difficult matters. 4+3 shows an expansion of systems and plans that were put in place, but those systems may evolve according to the situation. The patterns initialized through the 3’s are no longer simple: they are complicated and require adaptation.  6+1 offers the potential for transformation, new opportunities, and refreshed perspectives. All of the “new” and “self” focused concepts come from the ace energies and the balancing, mediating energies come from the 6.


Lisa is arguing with her husband (7 of clubs) about whether her husband’s lottery winnings (7 of diamonds) should go towards an oversees trip for their daughter, Paulina. Lisa believes that experiencing different cultures will transform her world view. Her husband, Pablo, insists that instead Paulina work over the summer to pay back car repair bills from a sudden hit-and-run accident (7 of spades) Paulina was in while driving his car two months ago.  He believes in holding her accountable to teach her responsibility. In the end, Paulina earned a paid summer internship in Italy. She paid for her trip on her own, but still set some money aside to pay for her father’s repairs. Touched and surprised at the gesture, Pablo funded an all expenses paid vacation to Dubrovnik, Croatia and Ljubljana (7 of hearts), Slovenia in the winter.

Pick-a-Card Reading for the Week

I am now doing pick a card readings for the public! Just relax, and tune into the pile that resonates most with you. I welcome and encourage engagement, so comment on this post or in the YouTube comments! My readings tend to be very direct and specific, so let me know so I can adjust my technique. ❤

Pile 1: 1:30

Pile 2: 10:00

Pile 3: 19:37

Pile 4: 33:15

Pile 5: 50:17

If you go Youtube, linked time stamps will also be in the description. 🙂

6 of spades




Numerical Value: 6
Key Concepts: Let it go, Fuck it

Oddly, this is one of my most favorite cards in the deck. Why? Because there is not a single card in the deck that has the same amount of abandon to it. While the 5 of spades is about the pain of loss, the 6 of spades often represents the liberation which comes from loss, and often that loss comes voluntarily. There is little to no emotional pain. It’s practically the playing card deck’s give the middle finger, “Fuck it,” and walk away card. There aren’t any real battles. To an extent, a person has made their decision, have come to a conclusion, and is quite okay acting on it.

In love, in work, in money, it indicates some form of loss or leaving something behind. It’s a drain, metaphorically and literally. It has associations with water and pipes.

If you’re still lost about the difference in meaning between the 5 of spades and the 6 of spades, play “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera and any version of “Let it go” back to back.

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You should come visit me on Saturday <3


🧚‍♀️Hello my friends! 🧚‍♀️

If you are in the Raleigh, NC area, I will be giving personal
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$5- 5 minute readings
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I hope to see you soon!

6 of clubs



Numerical Value: 6
Key Concepts: Skill, Negotiation, Ability

The 6 of clubs offers special ease and progression in the work and business realms. Of course, as you already guessed, it’s probably not going to be the same kind of “ease” you expected. It means that the path is ready for you to tread: helping hands, guard rails and disability accessible paths and all. There may still be an inclined path, but the ability to complete the path is present.

This card also has a repetitive, almost ritualistic quality. You may rehearse 1000 times at night, but you’ll get through the play. Negotiations and practice, with the right supportive cards, will end in success.

In love, it doesn’t necessarily indicate romance (at least, not without other hearts to support it). It “can” represent rebounds and people coming around again at a later date; it means a connection of some sort is still there. It does indicate the ability to work together well. It can even indicate the ability to have a good, hearty discussion

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