Aces: Beginnings

File_000 (1)

Numerical Value: 1

Numerical Nature: Change and transitions, importance and significance

Keywords: News, Letters, Beginnings, Offers, Opportunity

General Remarks

Aces are one of the most pleasant cards to see in a reading, in my opinion, and of course with some exceptions. I personally almost always welcome change, and so long as the Ace of Spades is not among one of the aces, I’m a pretty happy camper whenever I see it in a spread. All aces signify something significantly different occurring in one’s life, and the nature of the change will be indicated by the suit.

Should these cards not refer to news or general life changes, it could represent distinctive buildings or organizations that are represented in the nature of its suit. It could also indicate important documents as well.

Now, keep in mind, not everyone has the same stomach to handle changes and transitions, so definitely look at the surrounding cards to see if these changes are causing the querent worry or joy.

Philosophical Perspective

The number one is often associated with the self, one’s identity, and the ego. It symbolizes unity and indivisibility. With this in mind, there is a sense of certainty represented by the number one that is not always present in other numbers.


There was once a client who was offered a job in a city (AD) where he was also accepted into college (AC). He had recently gone through a break up with his girlfriend, but he was hopeful that he would find someone new. In matter of fact, he was beginning to fall in love with a girl he met while visiting the city (AH). Despite all of the change, he was feeling uncertain as to how the move would affect his financial standing or even the budding relationship (AS). He knew that the shift would be tough, but he saw the change as an opportunity to make some important personal reforms.



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