3’s: Growth

Numerical Value: 3

Numerical Nature: Organization and disorganization.

Keywords: expansion, surprises, interruption

General Remarks

When threes appear in a reading it can indicate that things are being built towards an end in accordance to the nature of its suit. You’ve been given an offer, you’ve considered accepting it, and now you’re actually working on it. The threes are some of my favorite cards in the deck, even the 3 of spades in a lonely, bitter, and sadistic way.

Threes can also indicate third parties and interventions, and to see a number of threes in a reading could indicate that there are a lot of external parties involved a situation. If anything, it can indicate that things are about to get interesting.

Philosophical Perspective

The normal line of thought that the third party is a union of the one and two, but it can also represent different developmental phases or trinities:

Mother, Father, and Child.
Maiden, Mother, and Chrone.
Sulfur, Salt, Mercury.


Anne and Joe were on a date celebrating Anna’s birthday when a mutual friend, Steven, interrupted (3S). Steven had a business idea and he was trying to get Anna and Joe on board as business partners (3C). After politely declining, scatterbrained (3D) Steven finally realized that he was interrupting their outing and hastily left, while dropping about .30 cents in change (3D). Unphased by Steven’s clumsiness, Anna’s attention shifted to her lover as he whispered something into the waitress’s ear. Suddenly, she found herself surrounded by waitstaff who began ritually clapping in unison as they began singing Happy Birthday to her and ushered in a birthday cake. Anna Was speechless at the surprise (3H). She felt overwhelming waves of joy that was only amplified when her beau gave her a bouquet of flowers (3H) and a kiss on the lips.


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