Ace of Hearts

File_001 (1)

Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: New Love, Affection, Comfort, and Safety.

The ace of hearts is one of the most pleasant cards to see in a reading. It often heralds news pertaining to love or family matters. When surrounded by other hearts, it could reflect a place of celebration. In spiritual matters, it can represent mystical relationships instead of occult practice. It represents family members or even births. It’s a completely and utterly wonderful card!

Interpretation of the ace of hearts can vary between being fortunate or unfortunate depending on the nature of the question. For example, if the querent’s question involves whether or not he or she will find work outside of the city, the ace of hearts may recommend looking for something that is closer to home or even working from home. There’s not a hard set rule for determining if the Ace of Hearts is favorable in a reading but here are some things to consider.

The presence of certain spade cards with the ace of hearts may indicate that there is emotional turbulence at home, with a family member, or a loved one. In the presence of certain club cards, the ace of hearts can indicate things being done to or within the home itself, whether it be cleaning (chores), renovation plans, a summer home, etc. With diamond cards, it can indicate that the space may be physically comfortable and well resourced or stocked. Lastly, the presence of the ace of hearts with certain other hearts cards can indicate that feelings of love and affection are developing. It can also indicate that sensitivities may be high.




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