Dicey Divination: Getting Quick Answers

Would it be wise for me to share my dice divination technique with my readers?

dice divination

Random.org is your friend. 🙂

While I do tend to keep my cards on me just in case I want to do a full fledged reading, I usually use my phone to answer quick questions about a situation. I used to keep a di, but unfortunately, I kept losing it.

I normally use a simple 6 sided di to answer yes/no questions about a situation. Odd numbers represent an affirmative (yes), and even numbers represent a negative (no). Like I said, it’s relatively simple, but I do have a nuanced meaning for each number.

  1. A simple “yes.”
  2. A simple “no.”
  3. An excitable “yes.” This pulls from my cartomantic meaning for the number three, specifically the three of hearts, which reminds me of surprises.
  4. No, Not yet. This stems from my cartomantic meaning for the number four which can indicate obstructions. Obstructions can be cleared, and so this sometimes indicate that you may have some work to do before the tides change.
  5. Yes, its a fact. When I think of the 5, I think of that which can be proven from the senses. One of the numerological meanings of the 5 is also associated with the number crunching Virgo.
  6. No, either ask again later, or rephrase your question. 2×3, this means that it is both a yes and a no depending on how you perceive the question.

I have done readings with this method on the fly with shocking accuracy. I once hadn’t heard from my friend in three days and asked if she was angry with me, and the dice gave me a 3. At this time, she was sick, so I decided to pay her a visit and see if she was okay. Apparently, she was angry because I went to help someone with work. (She’s probably reading this post, so I’ll leave the circumstances surrounding her anger, which I do find unreasonable, alone.)

I will note that I have found some limitations to the method.

  1. The weather will affect your readings, whether you use the Random.org app or an actual dice. This actually goes hand in hand with what Agrippa says about reading in clear weather. Granted, I won’t necessarily say that it has to be a cloudless day, but I have noticed a significant drop in accuracy when it’s about to rain.
  2. Your level of faith and levelheadedness will affect your readings. I think this applies to all divination practices, actually. I bring this up because there are those who have issue with using the Random.org app: I’ve used both the dice and the card divination app effectively. If you don’t believe it’ll work, then it probably won’t. If you’re emotional and are unable to somewhat center yourself, then you probably won’t get a decent result.
  3. While not necessarily a limitation, keep your questions to yes or no, or interpretable with the yes/no format. This kind of pulls a bit from doing a full blown Geomancy reading which incorporates active and passive elements in figures.
  4. You can learn a lot about the state of a person based upon the number which appears. So far, I’ve asked 5 questions about the location of my roommate, and I keep rolling a 6. He’s a stealthy (but pleasant) bastard.

This is not something that people pick up instantaneously, but if you practice, I’m sure you could pick it up.

Have you tried doing this? Tell me what you think.


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