Ace of Clubs


Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: New business offer, work, legalities and their respective institutions.

If you are ever asking a question about the viability of business or job prospects, this is the card that you would want to see in your reading. The ace of clubs is the card of job offers and offers relating to entrepreneurial matters. It can also represent important business documents or institutions. For my readers who are students, this is the card that represents school at any level, high school, undergraduate, or graduate. For readers who have a slightly magickal bent, it can refer to the fiery, perhaps a more primal, will and a new magical project.

With the presence of spades this card could indicate either rejection of an opportunity being presented, or it could represent that one is dropping the ball in communications or paperwork. In the presence of diamonds, it can indicate that a business opportunity could be financially fruitful, or that it would directly affect your finances (depending on which diamond card). In the presence of other clubs, expect to get to work!  In the presence of hearts, it can indicate that the offer may generate excitement or emotional fulfillment.


My main advice is that if you are looking for an opportunity that will yield money, do not forget to look at the surrounding suits. You are going to want to see diamonds around clubs to show that you are generating some sort of money from whatever offer or job you are doing.



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