Love Reflections from a Rite

Somebody said every day, was gon’ be sunny skies,
Only Marvin Gaye and lingerie, I guess somebody lied
We started discussin’ it to fightin’ then “Don’t touch me, please.”

Last night I dreamt that my ex-boyfriend deleted my Netflix profile on his account, and I panicked screaming that he never loved me. I had named my profile “Your Heartmate.” Well, clearly he never quite viewed me the same way. Its funny how I was willing to fight an army for someone who could barely gather the courage and gusto to fight to keep me. It still hurts, actually.

Ah! The wonderful dreams which wake me at 6:00 AM. More than likely it was a result of a magickal operation I did last night which was focused on helping me to shed that which is dead and obstructing my connection with whatever supreme deity does exist. I used the technique listed here: Frater-S’s Talisman Consecration Using Invocation and the Tarot

Of course, there were significant adjustments. Yes, I separated my space. However, the invocation was a different beast entirely. I started with the headless rite, continued with the Heptasphere, giving Archangel Michael a heads up that I would soon call upon him for invocation.

Since my talisman was also a sigil cluster, I had to include charging the sigil into the procedures. After the invocation, I lit the black and white candle, similarly formed by hand in a triangular form, and chanted the solar seed syllable six times through it and to the talisman. I charged it in my normal way, chanting the mantra while looking at the sigil, and contemplating on the tarot cards as per Frater-S’s instructions.  At the end, my head felt like it was puffy. Actually, it still feels that way. Here’s a picture of the set up:

I always try to do a short divination to see how things went during whatever operation I’m performing. Something interesting, geomancy (a simple 6 sided dice reading using revealed that it was both a talisman and a sigil, but wouldn’t recognize it as one item. I found this quite interesting.

In any case, my dreams were energetic, enough to wake me two hours earlier than I normally do. I’m probably going to do this again.



5 thoughts on “Love Reflections from a Rite

      1. I only meant adding the sigil cluster to a rite that is already three things in one. Myself I never seem to get past the mono phase in anything, magic included-I’m a flute rather than a piano! Hypersigils are what I get on with best. I’ll follow your blog and Frater S for more ideas.


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