Ace of Diamonds

File_003Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: New business offer, invitation, and a proposal.

Another lovely card to see in a reading that can indicate wonderful results are about to happen in real life. In questions about job prospects, both the ace of diamonds and the ace of clubs can indicate job offers. However, while the ace of clubs indicates business and entrepreneurial proposals, the ace of diamonds can indicate similarly but with the promise of monetary return.

When business matters are not involved, I have found the ace of diamonds to indicate that someone will either visit or call me soon. When I say visit, I mean literally visit. As in, come to your home, knock on your door, and give you a lovely surprise with their presence. When I say call, I mean all manner of communication that involves at least the voice: Skype, calling, hangouts, etc.

Finally, most sources indicate that the ace of diamonds can symbolize invitations of various types. While I can vouch that it can symbolize an invitation to hang out, I cannot vouch for it indicating a marriage proposal, particularly because it has never happened to me personally, and I have yet to have given a reading to someone who is on the brink of marriage. Oh how I look forward to the day when it will indicate a proposal from my dearly beloved!




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