So, Apparently, There’s Love, Love, and Love

With every breath, I choose.
With every foot step I take in life, I reaffirm my vows.
Where you go, I follow.


In So You Think You Can…Magick? I talked about how Warnock and Greer summed up the author’s criteria for a sage written in the Picatrix. It’s pretty insane.

I decided to do a no-no and jump directly to Book 4  Chapter 5 where the author talks about the criteria. Interestingly, he also talks about love. Since we were kids we have heard of stories telling us to love despite appearances, socioeconomic status, and heritage. It still holds true in the Picatrix as well, for the author talks about the importance of nurturing a virtuous love over lustful physical love.  He then continues to talk about the manner of love as it relates to the three portions of the human spirit:

The human spirit is divided into three parts, that is: the animal spirit, the natural spirit, and the rational spirit. If the Natural spirit of a man has conquered the others, he will be a lover of such things as food and drink, and nothing else; if the animal spirit has conquered the others, he will be a lover of nothing but conquering and surpassing others; while if the rational spirit conquers, he will be a lover of nothing but intellect, goodness, and knowledge.

He continues to say that indications of the sort of love that a person is likely to give would be based upon one’s Lord of the Nativity, also known as the Lord of Geniture. Venus as one’s Lord would indicate that one is a lover of women. Mars as one’s Lord will make one a lover of competition and dominance, and Jupiter or Mercury as one’s Lord would indicate that one is a lover of the mind, philosophy and rational thought. I found it interesting that he did not address Saturn, likely because it is the greater malefic. Equally likely is that I missed this information when I skipped from the translator’s introduction to the 4th Book  without fully reading everything in between.

So I’ve actually been meditating on this concept for quite some time and trying to think of the implications of such a perception on love. I tend to avoid the belief that one is fated to any set system, even astrology, particularly because we can all choose to change our behaviors and ourselves at any given time. Ideally, anyways. I’m also sure that there is an some sort of ennobling and divine trait in one who is a lover of women or men or one who seeks competition. But then, I can only imagine what it is like to be something I am not and admire it. However, even this imagining is not the same as being.

Overall, I’m not too crazy about the “heterosexual man’s world” perspective in which this is written, but I knew I was going to encounter this before I even started the project. I think after I go about reading the rest of the book, I think I may propose my own two cents on the Lord of Geniture attributes for a more modern era.

If you’re willing to do the footwork and find our Lord of Geniture, I would definitely recommend checking out The Unlikely Mage’s blog. He throws a lot of information at you, but it will get you in the ball park of figuring out your Lord yourself.



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