Deuces: Exchanges

File_004 (1)Numerical Value: 2

Numerical Nature: Youth, reconcile, interaction.

Keywords: Exchanges, attraction, balance

General Remarks

The deuces tend to represent the nature of interactions as dictated by the suit. While the aces indicate opportunity, the twos represent the initial stages of beginning something. Whenever I see a number of them in a reading, I know that whatever I am reading about is pertaining to something relatively new and young, whether it represents sorting through the preliminary work for beginning a business, a minor spat, or even children. Very seldom do the deuces indicate the mature development of a situation.

Philosophical Perspective

While with the number one we had a relatively solid principle of the self and identity, with the number two we look at the manner by which the individual engages opposite ideas. The two represents the moment when an individual recognizes that there is another outside the self, which is considered most comfortable and stable. In the end, we can only truly justify the existence and certainty of our own, but now with another person, we are forced to acknowledge and reconcile our perceived isolation. We must now reconsider if we are truly the center of the universe, or simply the center of our own universe. We have to question our importance and stance.

Through duality we have the ability to compare, contrast, and further understand our own true nature through the conflicts and interaction of an other. I am this, but I am not that. I believe this, but not that. I disagree with this, but I agree with that. I am like this, but she is like that. Why are we different?


A woman is doing research and sorting her thoughts (2S) about the manner by which to begin her business. She knows she will have to pay (2D) her employees and give them benefits (2C), and she also knows that offer robust benefits will attract (2H) talented workers.


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