Yes? No? Maybe so?

Is he worried about…?


When situating yourself at the beginning of a reading, be aware of the type of question you are asking. Are you asking a yes/no question? What method do you have for discerning an affirmative or negative answer?

As I was walking to my classes, I came upon the realization that someone that I was fond of may have a concern about our age difference. It was one of those light bulb moments that I immediate confirmed with dice divination, but I had every intention about addressing this matter further with a card reading when I reached my destination.

Ideally, when asking such questions, you should be able to answer the question, overall, with but a simple glance. Further investigation as to why the answer is yes or no will be revealed as you dig deeper into the spread.

Number-wise, my cards of affirmation and negation are the 4’s and 8’s, and the suit will further determine to what degree something is yes or no. Generally speaking, the red cards, the hearts and diamonds, are affirmative in nature. The black cards, the spades and clubs, are negative in nature. The 4 and 8 of diamonds are cards of certainty and affirmation in my methods. In the tarot, this would be the 4 and 8 of pentacles.

My cards of negation are the 4 and 8 of spades, or the 4 and 8 of swords in the tarot.

9 of spades and the 9 of swords are also “no” in readings, specifically “Wish denied.” The 9 of hearts can mean the opposite, “Wish granted.” However, it’s important to be careful with these two 9’s in particular, as they can indicate that a person’s frame of mind may be influencing his or her perception of a situation.

Now there are some cards that indicate something in between. For example, the 4 of clubs doesn’t necessarily mean “no” in a spread. In matter of fact, I have found it to indicate that it may take a while before you receive your answer. There are processes and assessments still in play before an answer can be given. Consider it a “pending” card.

Similarly, the 4 of hearts, depending on the question, does not always indicate affirmation. In matter of fact, its tone can often signify overly emotional attachment to the question or subject at hand. Its a soft yes, and things can change easily.

In addition to the 4’s there are also other cards which can give you a “maybe” or “uncertain” tone to cards of affirmation and negation.

For example, the 3 of diamonds typically means “someone who runs hot and cold” (Kapherus), or “unsustained efforts” (Russell). So in questions which are yes or no, it can indicate someone who is uncertain, fickle or nervous.

The 7 of clubs can represent someone who is weighing their options (Russell). Things are pending until they make a decision.

The Ace of spades can also go either or way, similar in nature to the 7 of clubs, but there may be much more at stake.

So in the above example, we have he 4 of diamonds in the answer column, and the 3 of diamonds in the pivot portion of the supplemental information section. This can indicate “Yes, it point of concern, and he is nervous (scatter-brained) or insecure (the 3 of diamonds is surrounded by hearts) about it.”



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