Prayer to Haniel

A few months ago, last year actually, I broke things off with my ex-boyfriend. Even though I was the one who called it off, I was shell shocked from it: we were in a relationship with each other for half a decade. Our anniversary was only two months prior, but I felt as though something was wrong. My feelings were reaffirmed through a dream and further reaffirmed by sequences of events which occurred afterwards. Despite this affirmation that my decision was the right one, I still felt as though I had been in a terrible accident and I lost a friend. I mean, to an extent, I was, and I did. I had prayed a novena to Raphael and sought one for Haniel. I couldn’t find one that I liked, so I evoked Haniel who gave me the seeds of a prayer which I later cultivated into a poem.

For those who may not know, Haniel is the archangel of the sphere of Venus, Netzach, in planetary magic. Her name translates to “The Joy of God,” and with her associations with the planet Venus and its archetypes, she is also the angel of beauty, love, and affection. If we look to Taurus, one of the affiliated zodiac signs, we also learn that she has a connection with the earth and its production. This is echoed in the Empress of the Tarot card, a planetary Trump associated with Venus, who is often depicted amidst foliage, nature, or water, depending on what deck you are using. If you want to understand a little bit about the sphere of Netzach, I would advise contemplating on the Empress, the Heirophant, and Justice/Adjustment tarot cards.

You may want to go to Haniel in matters pertaining to women, love, sex, and, as you will see, confidence. I’ve used variations of this prayer for a wide range of matters. As a daily prayer, I have found that it taps me into her energies where I can place my requests for the day, sometimes triggering emotional revelations. I have used it to give me confidence when I was in the presence of someone that I liked, and I’ve even used it for communication topics.

Prayer for Confidence

Trumpets burst and herald the winds of Spring,

Oak leaves dance in the drought of Summer,

and turn cold and crisp from Autumn’s Demeanor.

Flown by are days longed for in Winter

Til the voice of equinox again sings.


May my needs be apparent

and wash upon the shores of my wakened mind.

May this call be seen, felt and heard.

May all of my being and senses dance

to the knowledge of my needs and of my desires,

Divorced from my delusions,

Severed from my obsessions,

The Earth is my Joy in God.

Yet be of comfort with the seas dissolve me

While I struggle with my human instincts

and I hear the spirits wail from the waves.

Let the clouds dissipate and the stars shine brightly,

Let there be no shame of that innate, truly mine.

My mind, my crown, with virtue and health,

My flesh, my form, unique, and perfect.

To no one shall I submit abashed.

Carefree is my Joy in God.

Haniel, God’s messenger,

You are quick to prove that all,

Men and women,

open and heartbroken,

the enlightened in heaven,

and the tormented in hell,

and all of those in between

Have refuge in the God of Love.

[Insert your own personal request to Haniel here]

As the cycles of nature continue,

May through Spring’s vernal March,

Through Summer’s kingly dignity,

Autumn’s play and forethought,

and Winter’s reflective stillness,

Haniel, resonate with me octave by octave

and may the joy and pleasure of God show me eternal love.


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