So, Someone Called Me…

So I’ve been wandering around prisons lately, investigating them, seeing how they work. Okay, so maybe they are not exactly prisons, but depending on your level of awareness, they can act as prisons. I’ve been exploring different religious systems: Islam and Christianity.

Here’s a fun fact about me that many of you may not know, and that may or may not be the case for many other magical practitioners: not only was I brought up Christian, but I also went to a college where I had to study portions of the Bible. Furthermore, back in high school, I did some preliminary studies in Buddhism, and I did some explorations in Taoism back in college. Generally speaking, I have always been exploring systems outside of the system. I have noticed that if one works within a system for long enough you will get a call for commitment. I call it a “call for commitment” but it is that moment when one is hailed and acknowledged, kind of like a friend request on Facebook but with a promise not to be hung out to dry during bad times and with access to certain benefits. You can usually detect a call by how the question lingers in the air, creating momentary crossroad of choice within your sphere.

The first call that I ever received was through my father and into Christianity when I was around 8 or 9 years old. The second call that I was able to detect was from a man I had a romantic interest in who was talking to me about Islam, but I couldn’t accept the terms he stated because of my previous commitment through my father; I’d have to renounce Christianity, which I am not, and probably will never really be, ready to do. Though I did not accept the call, I did obtain a copy of the Qu’ran and started reading it a la bibliomantic style, which is when I received the second call. The terms set this time was a lot less stringent, and I accepted them.

Most recently I started attending a church, which by the way is a GREAT idea for those who want to refine their own ritual practices. Anyways, received a call from that church denomination as well, and I am considering accepting, given that it is not in conflict with my other commitments.

I know that to many chaos magic practitioners, primarily those of the Discordian side of things, I am probably giving up a lot of agency and magical authority; tentative that they actually understand or even care about what I mean by agency or “magical authority.” However, I personally don’t have anything against any religious affiliation. Actually, I find devotion to be incredibly attractive, but only when tempered with intellect and an open-heart. I personally look forward to diving into as many belief systems as I can and bringing that into the mundane world to the end of resolving conflict. While I did use Lady Gaga’s Telephone as an illustration of what I’m talking about, I’m actually down for calls, so…call me! Maybe? 😉

Have you ever found yourself in a similar liminal state where you have the opportunity to join a spiritual community? Did you think about your previous bonds when you accepted or rejected the call? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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