2 of clubs

Numerical Value: 2
Key Concepts: Favors, notices and information, gifts

So here’s a fun game I would recommend you do to connect with your own inner vocabulary: guess the card! One day I was playing this, and I got a weird vision of a bouquet of flowers; what resulted was my interpretation of the 2 of clubs meaning “gift.” All of the 2’s emphasize the nature of exchanges or “gifts,” and the 2 of clubs implies a gift that may be out of formality or obligation. Instead of necessarily involving money, this represents gestures and exchanges that are process or goal oriented, money may or may not be involved or the end game. In love, this card may indicate interactions that are less emotionally involved and more cooperative, resulting in a means-to-an-end type of engagement at best, something a little Machiavellian at worst. In terms of mind, it indicates a mind or mentality focused on getting the process and procedure down on a operation.

The 2’s in particular can emphasize their own numerical value in a reading. This can be very helpful to know when doing math with the cards. I’ll talk a little more about this once we hit the 7’s.

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