Advice from Angel Kammael: Think about Bubbles

I decided to hit up Kammael, an angel of Mars/Geburah, today for some general advice. I usually have a lovely relationship with him: he is always clear and erudite in our conversations (perhaps it’s because of my natal influence with Mars in Aquarius).

As usual, he gave me a pretty clear message:

“Your ability to execute your will (the Magician) depends on your capacity to be confident (2 of pentacles). Otherwise, no matter the advantage (7 of wands), you risk losing the war just to win the battle (5 of swords).”

The Queen of Pentacles represents the nature of the advice as well as, potentially, my significator for this matter. Typically I view both the King and Queen of Pentacles/ King and Queen of Diamonds as being cards of advice, and when they fall in the center if a spread it would be wise to take careful heed to surrounding cards. The Queen of Diamonds has a bit more of a softer tone to her advice, being more nurturing but practical: she’s giving you a life lesson as opposed to her husband’s distinct advice for the here and now. The tone of Kammael’s advice is one that will help me in the long run in building a specific character trait.

Also note that the King of Wands is on the bottom of the deck. The distinctly fiery nature of the King of Wands is like one of Kammael’s signatures in Tarot language.

In the past we have the 2 of pentacles, which is a card of flux and change. It is also the card of the mind when pulling from the 2 of diamonds meanings. Next to the Magician, the card of the execution of one’s will, we get a meaning of uncertainty and doubt. When mirroring the 2 of pentacles with the 5 of swords, we have two possible results for this seed of doubt: either complete and utter loss (losing the war but winning the battle) or going overboard and causing undue harm (I also perceive the 5 of swords as a “oops! my bad dude” type of card where error prevails). Where as the Magician mirrors the 7 of wands, indicating an advantage against the odds (pulling for the 7 of clubs playing card) or going a little overboard.

As a significator, Kammael is expressing that I am nurturing, gentle, and receptive. There is a time to be assertive and there is a time to be receptive; I have to learn how to flip the switch with efficiency, in due time, and in proper measure. This reminds me a lot of Bubbles from the PowerPuff girls, an episode where Bubbles was tired of being seen as weak, so she decided to become “hardcore.” I take this as an example of what NOT to become, but at the same time, it may also be helpful to know when to be precise and assertive when necessary.

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