The Healing Pressure Mandala

Peer pressure is often considered to have negative effects on individuals, but did you know that your behaviors are heavily influenced by those who you value the most, regardless? This is a magical mandala is designed for those who may be a little difficult and hard headed in changing their lifestyle for the better. The seed sigil was made with the intention of creating social pressure which would encourage one to make better changes in their lives and avert unnecessary illnesses. This mandala is also associated with Mercurial energies, particularly Gemini, to emphasize focus on one’s well being. As one focuses on the center and allows their gaze to extend outward, one will notice the following imagery and symbols:

Eights: Number affiliated with Mercury.
Caduceus shapes: Another symbol of Mercury with links to Mercurial deities who rule healing.
Kudzu: Rapid change and growth, preservation, pressure
Ears: Receptivity and listening
Spider Lily: Symbol for death
Bat: Change, night time and subconscious
Cross: pivotal change of great importance

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