The Major Petite Mort

As one can guess from the title, this is a mandala created with fertility, sex, and love in mind. Developed from a seed sigil, the minor Petite Mort, this mandala is magical and created with Venusian and Lunar components: when one meditates on it from center out, it will assist one in addressing matters and hangups relating to love and sex to the end of having a fulfilling orgasm. The imagery budding from the center breaks down from the confinements attributed to sex as merely the interaction of the physical, and as the focus broadens from the center and into the edges of the mandala, the sexual act is removed from its limited physical expression to that of creation and divine love.

Within the mandala are subtle representations of the male and female genitalia, and towards the outer portions of the mandala are images of fruit which symbolize fertility and the higher virtues associated with sex:

Blueberries: Protection, safety, and preservation.
Raspberries: Female fertility and health.
Mangos: Divine and cosmic love.

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