3 of clubs


Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Growth, production, organizing

Where the 3 of hearts can be a card of all play and little work, the 3 of clubs can be the opposite: work and little play. It is the card of the busy bee, one who is handling his or her business. You know how at work you have that sweet spot where you are in this lovely mellow hum of focus resulting in a very productive day? That is the nature of the 3 of clubs in working situations. In love, it may indicate working with other’s outside the relationship on a task, a lover that is focused on work, or a couple working on building an empire. In terms of wealth, it may indicate doing that which is needed to ensure financial stability in the long run, kind of like a side hustle. On its worst side, it indicates that you’re not doing enough in the situation to accomplish your tasks and goals, whether it be financial, at work, or in love.

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