Marriage Talismans for Sale






I’ve made 4 pairs of talismans for couples who are either engaged or married. There are three statements of intent sigilized on the talisman: That patience, diligence, and tolerance are cultivated, that husband and wife coexist lovingly, healthily, and in sobriety, and that gardens and plants yield a bountiful harvest. I also asked Juno, Ceres, and Iris to further bless the talismans and bless the relationships. The Mercurial markings are present to encourage communication and healing between the couple. Each talisman has a matching companion as shown above, and they are about the size of business cards (approximately 2 in x 3 in). On the back, there is a verse from the Song of Solomon as well as the alchemical symbols for Jupiter an Venus. They were made by hand using water color paper, water color, and ink.  I’ve only made 4 this time around, and one has already been sold. If you would like one, let me know and I’ll make more 🙂 You can get your pair for just $30.

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