3 of spades

Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Spite, unwanted interventions, rumors

Remember when I said that I perceive the 3 of spades having its charm in a sadistic way? Well for starters feelings like sadism would classify as a “3 of spades” type of feeling. This is the card which indicates betrayal, back stabbing, back biding, and all of those terrible social feelings which result from the tactical application of confusion and deceit. This is the card that you’re likely to see often if you’re in high school and your friend group is super shady: it indicates gossiping and sometimes duplicity. It’s the card of cloaks and daggers, and it is often quite yucky. In love it represents cheating and lying. In terms of wealth it can indicate money being missing or misplaced. Whenever you see this card, just know you may have a situation where nasty little vices (usually, in my opinion, social in nature) are at play and have the potential to undermine your status and reputation.

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3 of diamonds

Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Inconsistency, incremental, organizing

My baseline reading of the 3 of diamonds includes one who is just straight up scatterbrained and unfocused, indicating a person who’s ideas go every direction that sometimes sabotage their own goals and cause unnecessarily delays and accidents. In work  and money it represents a part time job or making a little money here and there. In love it represents someone who is fickle and doesn’t really know what he or she wants. Like the 3 of hearts it can refer to one who is a bit of a flirt, but with even less intention for commitment or stability; the individual doesn’t take matters as seriously as he or she should. When you see this card, think of Katy Perry’s song:

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3 of clubs


Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Growth, production, organizing

Where the 3 of hearts can be a card of all play and little work, the 3 of clubs can be the opposite: work and little play. It is the card of the busy bee, one who is handling his or her business. You know how at work you have that sweet spot where you are in this lovely mellow hum of focus resulting in a very productive day? That is the nature of the 3 of clubs in working situations. In love, it may indicate working with other’s outside the relationship on a task, a lover that is focused on work, or a couple working on building an empire. In terms of wealth, it may indicate doing that which is needed to ensure financial stability in the long run, kind of like a side hustle. On its worst side, it indicates that you’re not doing enough in the situation to accomplish your tasks and goals, whether it be financial, at work, or in love.

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Marriage Talismans for Sale






I’ve made 4 pairs of talismans for couples who are either engaged or married. There are three statements of intent sigilized on the talisman: That patience, diligence, and tolerance are cultivated, that husband and wife coexist lovingly, healthily, and in sobriety, and that gardens and plants yield a bountiful harvest. I also asked Juno, Ceres, and Iris to further bless the talismans and bless the relationships. The Mercurial markings are present to encourage communication and healing between the couple. Each talisman has a matching companion as shown above, and they are about the size of business cards (approximately 2 in x 3 in). On the back, there is a verse from the Song of Solomon as well as the alchemical symbols for Jupiter an Venus. They were made by hand using water color paper, water color, and ink.  I’ve only made 4 this time around, and one has already been sold. If you would like one, let me know and I’ll make more 🙂 You can get your pair for just $30.

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The Major Petite Mort

As one can guess from the title, this is a mandala created with fertility, sex, and love in mind. Developed from a seed sigil, the minor Petite Mort, this mandala is magical and created with Venusian and Lunar components: when one meditates on it from center out, it will assist one in addressing matters and hangups relating to love and sex to the end of having a fulfilling orgasm. The imagery budding from the center breaks down from the confinements attributed to sex as merely the interaction of the physical, and as the focus broadens from the center and into the edges of the mandala, the sexual act is removed from its limited physical expression to that of creation and divine love.

Within the mandala are subtle representations of the male and female genitalia, and towards the outer portions of the mandala are images of fruit which symbolize fertility and the higher virtues associated with sex:

Blueberries: Protection, safety, and preservation.
Raspberries: Female fertility and health.
Mangos: Divine and cosmic love.

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The Healing Pressure Mandala

Peer pressure is often considered to have negative effects on individuals, but did you know that your behaviors are heavily influenced by those who you value the most, regardless? This is a magical mandala is designed for those who may be a little difficult and hard headed in changing their lifestyle for the better. The seed sigil was made with the intention of creating social pressure which would encourage one to make better changes in their lives and avert unnecessary illnesses. This mandala is also associated with Mercurial energies, particularly Gemini, to emphasize focus on one’s well being. As one focuses on the center and allows their gaze to extend outward, one will notice the following imagery and symbols:

Eights: Number affiliated with Mercury.
Caduceus shapes: Another symbol of Mercury with links to Mercurial deities who rule healing.
Kudzu: Rapid change and growth, preservation, pressure
Ears: Receptivity and listening
Spider Lily: Symbol for death
Bat: Change, night time and subconscious
Cross: pivotal change of great importance

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Healing Pressure Sigil

This sigil is designed to encourage one to make important changes in their life by taking a somewhat different approach: through one’s social circle. It works as positive peer pressure, where instead of luring an individual towards engaging in unhealthy habits, it applies pressure on the user to make beneficial changes to their lifestyle to circumvent negative and unhealthy outcomes.

3 of hearts

Numerical Value: 3
Key Concepts: Surprise, conception, a third, joy

The 3 of hearts and the 3 of spades have similar associations of a third party interfering, especially in matters of love, but with the 3 of hearts, sometimes the intervention is desired, like at parties. In love it represents the beauteous aspect of a thing, and the feelings of excitement and butterflies swarming the stomach, and flirtations. In work it can represent a helpful hand with a tendency of play before work. In financial matters, it is a card that can lead towards excess spending or a tendency towards luxury and things that make one feel like $1000. This card involves surprises! You will have an inking of what’s going on, but you are likely to be pleasantly pleased by what you don’t notice at first.

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2 of spades

Numerical Value: 2
Key Concepts: Disagreements and defense

I am almost inclined to attribute this as the Hermit equivalent of the playing cards. In social relations the 2 of spades can indicate an inability to connect with or harmonize with group members, resulting in either retreating or defense. It can refer to one who is tight lipped, not willing to talk or share information. In terms of general operations, it can indicate things being halted and stopped. Though arguments are a possibility for this card, I have found that the 2 of spades centers around issues of silence and withdrawal.

The 2’s in particular can emphasize their own numerical value in a reading. This can be very helpful to know when doing math with the cards. I’ll talk a little more about this once we hit the 7’s.

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