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Hello Everyone!

So here’s the deal: I’ve been relatively inactive primarily because I have been working on finishing up grad school. Now that I’ve graduated (YAY!) I have started making content again.

Every week I am doing YouTube and Instagram readings for the astrological planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) and the signs of the zodiac. This is something that may be helpful to both laypersons and magical practitioners alike. I started off using tarot, but I decided that I am going to focus exclusively on using Playing Card divination instead. Here are the links to the zodiac readings on YouTube they are between 10-15 minutes:

Mars, Aries and Scorpio
Venus, Libra and Taurus
Mercury, Virgo and Gemini
Sun and Moon, Leo and Cancer
Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces
Saturn, Aquarius and Capricorn

You can also check out the quick 60 second summary of these readings on my Instagram account. Also fun, I also post my singing clips there. I will be syndicating my readings primarily through my STEEMIT account. I am also on Minds.com for those who are interested in Facebook alternatives.

I have been receiving a number of requests for tutorials for reading cards. I am still working on a plan to do so for an online format, but I most certainly am working on plans to hold face-to-face workshops and meetings.

And that’s all for now! Time to finish up my dictionary 🙂


5 of spades

Numerical Value: 5
Key Concepts: Pain, cuts, ending, loss


Knives. Sharp objects. Razors. These are all 5 of spades objects, and you can imagine that even in a subjective and abstract sense, it indicates a special level of aggression and pain that has yet been expressed in any of the playing cards so far. The stagnation of the 4 of spades is met with force; a technical kind of force and ruthlessness in which the the individual either walks away to start anew and do their own thing, or forceably corrects the obstacles with their own tactics. Either or way, with the 5 of spades, SOMETHING is going to hurt.

In love and relationships the 5 of spades can represent a nasty break up or divorce. At work it can represent either being fired or quitting a job where there was a lot of attachments (whether positive or negative), sometimes without much of a back up. With money, the 5 of spades can represent emergency expenditures or expenses that may not be recuperated or may be completely and utterly inconvenient. Even if there is no actual tangible recourse, then one can expect the negative emotions present in the 3 of spades to amplify into anger, or worst with the 5 of spades.

It is not a pretty card.

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5 of diamonds

Numerical Value: 5
Key Concepts: Research, acquisition, remix, expression

The 4 or diamonds gave us assurance of what is real: data, facts, that which can be touched and measured.  It gave us security in the accumulation of the money in our accounts, in the value of the check handed to us. The 5 of diamonds takes these certainties, looks us dead serious in the eyes, and laughs at us for foolishly thinking that was all there was. Who cares about facts? They mean nothing without context and situation, and you can’t live on the same data alone; information decays and needs a refresher.  Who cares about money? You’re not going to be able to take it with you when you die, and while you are living the value of your money is subject to flux. Medicine is just one dose away from being poison, and poison is one milliliter away from being medicine.

Thus the 5 of diamonds is about pushing the limits of what’s real and original, like a remix. It represents the transfer of information by any means, including through technological means.  In terms of health, it can mean changing one’s diet, and the human body in general. In terms of work, it can represent sharing information with coworkers, the process of purchasing items and supplies, tools, equipment, or instruments used in writing, speaking, or creating music. In love, it can tell about the connections that are not readily apparent about a relationship. Finally, in money, it can represent the flow of money going in or out, without restraint or order.

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5 of clubs

Numerical Value: 5
Key Concepts: Work, Aggravation, Labor

The 5 of clubs can be a pretty aggressive card. Yes, sure, the song, Work Bitch, sexualizes the concept of work, but the fervor, the grit associated with the 5 of clubs is not fun and sexy at all (unless, maybe the 3 or 5 of hearts is in the spread). In one’s professional life, the 5 of clubs indicates that the time of planning is OVER and now is the time for work. The time for laying down, and letting things go as they have is over, and now is the time to get into guerrilla warfare!..or at least prepare for a heated argument. In money matters, the card can indicate making money through labor or working with one’s hands. If there are hearts nearby, it could indicate an artist hard at work. The 5 of clubs is also a time card for “soon” or within a week or so.

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5 of hearts

Numerical Value: 5
Key Concepts: Promotion, Joy, Arousal

The 5 of hearts indicates a certain arousal moving one from *just* the comfort of the 4 of hearts. I love seeing the 5 of hearts in a reading because it tends to forecasts promotions at work! Actually, a good equivalent to the 5 of hearts in terms of opportunity is the Stork from the Lenormand deck. In geomancy, I associate the 5 of hearts to the figure Laetitia. Similarly, the 5 of hearts is a card of light-heartedness, joy, and things evolving towards an end that is perceived as good. In love, one can expect there to be a lot of joy, excitement, love and sex. In work and health, things will improve for the better. In money, there is a tendency towards flamboyance, purchasing feminine articles of clothing or jewelry. Of course, also, the 5 of hearts signifies the feminine sex/gender.

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5’s: X Marks the Spot

Numerical Value: 5

Numerical Nature: Change

Keywords: Change

General Remarks

5’s indicate movement and change. The time for organization is over, now there a time for action. Thus, the 5’s are intimately linked with the concept of time, strategy, and the assertion of the will. As such, one of the basic ways that we assert our will, solve problems, is through our own hands.

Interestingly, many have associated the 5’s with the astrological sign Virgo. While I can see how a certain specificity and understanding is needed in order to assert one’s will, and how Virgo is an mutable earth sign, I feel that the caustic nature of the fives are somewhat divergent from the nature of Virgo but works better with Martian concepts. Conversely, the care towards humane matters are divergent from the nature of Mars but are Mercurial. Thus, depending on the context of the reading, I would associate the 5 as holding either Virgo/Mercurial influences or Martian influences.

Philosophical Perspective

With the 5’s we have the goal of overcoming the obstacles and rigidity that was present with the 4. We seek to overcome the spaces that were establish through either time or travel. How do we conquer these obstacles? There is an implicit duality within the 5, granted an unequal duality, but a duality never the less. One duality is illustrated as the will of the individual vs the will of a group or organization, 1+4=5. One can either submit to the organization or impose one’s will. The other duality is to ponder a way out, waiting for an opportune time vs developing one’s own solution or creating a new system entirely, 2+3=5. The tactics and strategies needed to find the solution to the problem is to seek the advise of another, meditate upon it, and take action. Either or way, an assault is on the way, and the structure which was established previously must be overcome.


Jane has been working for the company for 4 years, and she has become bored of it. She knows that her talents can be used elsewhere for socially better causes, so she had decided one of two things must happen: either she put in her letter of resignation (5S) or she obtains the promotion she has been clawing at for the past year (5H). Not only is her career and mental well being at stake, but so is her health. Sitting behind the desk and not being on the field, where she wants to be, has affected her physical health and diet, and Jane must make changes even to her diet and exercise regimen (5D and 5C). These changes alone will also reinvigorate (5H) her sleepy relationship with her boyfriend, possibly inspiring him towards a healthy lifestyle (5D).

4 of spades


Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Obstacles, decrease, delay

The 4 of spades is one of my cards for no. If something seems to be moving quickly in a reading, and I pull this card, I know to expect some type of obstacle hindering completing, whether it be simply delays or if something has come to a full standstill. At work, this can make your environment seem almost as a prison, and it may be riddled with inefficient and slow delays. It can show that things are being withheld for whatever reason the surrounding cards dictate. With money it can represent either stinginess or a general lack of money. In love it represents a sour note in the relationship, at least on a mental level. In terms of physical health, this card sometimes can indicate illness. In terms of space it can represent filling an area with negativity or obstacles. In the latter case, it can indicate a pessimistic mindset. This is not a very pleasant card, unless you want and *need* a slower pace, which in that case could work in your favor.

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4 of diamonds

Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Vaults, Storehouses, Certainty

The 4 of diamonds and the 4 of spades are two of my cards for yes and no respectively. As such, the 4 of diamonds offers a certain definable space in reality that is not present in the other 4’s. In financial matters, it can represent items representing value, aka, checks, money, dollars etc. the 4 of diamonds also represents spaces where such items are kept: safes, banks, that special desk drawer, and piggy banks. In matters of business and work it represents the line by line details involved in accomplishing tasks and goals. For example, let’s say you want to lose 40 lbs in 10 months. The exercise plan would be the 4 of clubs, the dieting plan would be the 4 of diamonds. In love, however, this card makes relationships much more tactile oriented and touchy (not necessarily feely, unfortunately). It can represent relationships based on what one can get out of the partner, and it can imply relationships where one is stuck in the “friend zone.”

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4 of clubs

Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Plans, processes, verdicts

The 4 of hearts and the 4 of clubs both have a “tentative” nature about them in which, depending upon its placement and the question, can result in an outcome that can go either way. In playing card cartomancy, the 4 of clubs takes on a more formal and organization type of tone, indicating applications and documents that may be up for review. On the plus side, so long as other impediment or shady cards don’t appear after it, it will indicate that that the application or document will pass the vetting process (eventually). It may also indicate something being delayed due to processing problems. In love, this could mean making solid plans for the future. With regard to wealth it means developing and creating a long term plan. 4 of clubs represents spaces where ideas, plans, and information is generated and organized.

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4 of hearts


Numerical Value: 4
Key Concepts: Steadfastness, titles and labels, and comfort

The 4 of hearts and the 4 of clubs both have a “tentative” nature about them in which, depending upon its placement and the question, can result in an outcome that can go either way. In playing card cartomancy, the 4 of hearts represents anything physical thing that brings one comfort. In love it can represent a relationship that’s going steady, either becoming #facebookofficial as another’s boyfriend or girlfriend, or finally being married, or crossing sexual thresholds. As you can see with each of these, there is a sense of attainment, a new emotional desire fulfilled, so things involving the 4 of hearts indicates a level of subjectivity. At work it can represent work that is not physically taxing, and as it pertains to finances, it can also indicate expenditures on items that bring one lasting comfort (or, on the dark side, it can represent hoarding…).

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