Make a Wish!

Yesterday, I made a couple of sigils for people who had something they wanted to change in their life. Take a look at what some of them asked for:
TogethernessAnonymous: I want company, I don’t want to be alone.

Anonymous: I need focused inspiration
Mantra: Tam delun wahirsa (My mind is clear of impurities)
worryFrom a lovely lady named Yolanda:  Yolanda learns to live her life with fewer worries.
Mantra: Supir Layud Vanet Howav
Her sigil looks like something is blooming, so I made her mantra to mean “Yolanda develops a relationship with nature.

wiseLuke made a request to become more spiritually adept.
I paired that with a statement to become wiser every time he uses his wit.
Mantra: Taprasco Lezufi Howamed Yanaika

File_000 (9)A person who requested anonymity made the following request:
I want to experience uncontrollable laughter.
Mantra: Mahagad Franel Vetoju Zaciwas
“I find joy in unsuspecting places”

As promised, I am also working on a couple of sigils which can be used by anyone who wishes to make genuine changes in their lives. I should have it completed by mid-September.

Until then, do have a sigil request? You can purchase a sigil and its corresponding mantra for $5. I will draw one, make it into a vector (.png), and create a cooresponding mantra for you which will be available within 24 hours of your request.

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Or, if you follow me on Facebook, you can send me a message with your request, and I will choose 10-15 requests to create sigils and mantras for. I plan on doing sigil requests every Sunday