Sigil for Relationship to be defined by Friendship, Love, and Productivity

Another sigil used in the clusters mentioned before. Specifically, the intention was “Friendship, love, care, and productivity defines relationship”


Sigil to Act Lovingly and Kindly

This is probably one of the first sigils that I made in my love sigil series. The full statement of intent is to intentionally acting lovingly and kindly to one another. The key here is that you can never force someone to love you, but one can make a conscious decision to be diplomatic to the other. Another way to look at it: it will teach you how to act in such a way and reveal reasons why. Its one of those transformative sigils for the long run. It was also used in the Unhinging Attachments cluster.


Healing Pressure Sigil

This sigil is designed to encourage one to make important changes in their life by taking a somewhat different approach: through one’s social circle. It works as positive peer pressure, where instead of luring an individual towards engaging in unhealthy habits, it applies pressure on the user to make beneficial changes to their lifestyle to circumvent negative and unhealthy outcomes.