Ever since I was a teenager, I was always fascinated with that which I did not understand. I loved the curious symbols present in mathematics, I was intrigued whenever I heard a foreigner speak their native language just for the shear virtue of its innate beauty, and I actively sought meaning in every piece of artwork. Coupled with a mystical, but slightly religious, upbringing, I found myself in a polyamorous and synergetic relationship with the spiritual science that measures that which cannot be seen. As such, in everything I do, and with every curious bystander or encounter, I encourage questions and experimentation.

My interest in the occult had a definite beginning, having learned to communicate with the divine when I was in high school. Because of doubt, I abandoned the practice until I was a freshman in college back in 2009, when I decided to instead attempt to gain insight using playing cards. Throughout my college years I gave readings to friends both online and in person, and I even found much more subtle ways to gain information. This was exceedingly helpful in obtaining advice to some of the more practical aspects of life, and this is my main focus with my divination: everything that I read should be applicable in mundane life in some form or fashion. I began looking for ways to change the direction of my life and understand the cause of some of the hardships that my loved ones faced: unemployment despite credentials, constant waves of bad luck, and general financial struggle.

I had graduated from college, and the dog heat of summer was approaching. My seasonal employment was at an end, but family members still needed to get to work. Thus, I began exploring magickal means to help my family, and I explored internal worlds of meditation in order to sate my desire for travel. Through experimentation of Chaos Magick techniques, I was sold: magick is real, and it works. I began doing everything I could to change the trajectory of my life and live the way I wanted: free, authentic, and natural.

Even though I knew I could get results with Chaos Magic, I knew that I needed to know a little more about Hermeticism, and so I found a mentor who eventually guided me to Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course and the teachings of Rufus Opus. Because of my encounter with various deities from the Judeo-Christian, Greek, and Roman pantheons, I learned once again how to listen and hear their messages, but this time with certainty and confidence. It is through this confidence that my understanding of divinatory techniques and meanings also deepened.

Right now in my life I have found myself moving backwards to reconnect and answer questions I didn’t have answers to, and provide a little guidance to others. But no matter where I am, I always seek the grounded, earthen, perspective that is helpful to the lay person. So, if you are here, you’ve likely followed the hints and queues of your curiosity and spirit. You are in the right place.