2 of Hearts

Numerical Value: 2
Key Concepts: Attraction, mutuality, youth, newness

The two of hearts is one of the few cards in the deck that, alone, seldom indicates something negative. In readings about love, the two of hearts can indicate the first sparks of attraction. It can also indicate expressions of affection such as kissing and holding hands. All of the twos in the deck express how help is given or received by a querent, and the two of hearts indicates that the assistance given or offered is stemming from sentimental feelings and care. With that being said, in questions pertaining to work and legalities, it could represent minor gestures of grace. As for money, the 2 of hearts may or may not indicate receiving money, in this case the gesture is what would matter over the actual item or money given. In terms of items, it could represent little gifts with history behind them, like stuffed animals and toys.

The 2’s in particular can emphasize their own numerical value in a reading. This can be very helpful to know when doing math with the cards. I’ll talk a little more about this once we hit the 7’s.

Note: Most of the hearts are rather tricky in context of money. While normally the hearts bode well for most situations, it often represents emotional fulfillment instead of financial fulfillment.

Deuces: Exchanges

File_004 (1)Numerical Value: 2

Numerical Nature: Youth, reconcile, interaction.

Keywords: Exchanges, attraction, balance

General Remarks

The deuces tend to represent the nature of interactions as dictated by the suit. While the aces indicate opportunity, the twos represent the initial stages of beginning something. Whenever I see a number of them in a reading, I know that whatever I am reading about is pertaining to something relatively new and young, whether it represents sorting through the preliminary work for beginning a business, a minor spat, or even children. Very seldom do the deuces indicate the mature development of a situation.

Philosophical Perspective

While with the number one we had a relatively solid principle of the self and identity, with the number two we look at the manner by which the individual engages opposite ideas. The two represents the moment when an individual recognizes that there is another outside the self, which is considered most comfortable and stable. In the end, we can only truly justify the existence and certainty of our own, but now with another person, we are forced to acknowledge and reconcile our perceived isolation. We must now reconsider if we are truly the center of the universe, or simply the center of our own universe. We have to question our importance and stance.

Through duality we have the ability to compare, contrast, and further understand our own true nature through the conflicts and interaction of an other. I am this, but I am not that. I believe this, but not that. I disagree with this, but I agree with that. I am like this, but she is like that. Why are we different?


A woman is doing research and sorting her thoughts (2S) about the manner by which to begin her business. She knows she will have to pay (2D) her employees and give them benefits (2C), and she also knows that offer robust benefits will attract (2H) talented workers.

The Wheel of…Aw Hell NO!

“Wheel of Morality, turn, turn turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn!”

Imagine a day where something amazing happened that makes you smile unabashedly. Maybe you are reunited with a beloved friend you haven’t seen in years. Perhaps you receive a message from someone you love. Maybe your dog gave birth to a new litter of puppies.

…And then your friend leaves to her side of the country for another 5 years. That person you loved ended up cheating on you. The dog who gave birth passes away a few months later, and one of her puppies becomes sick.

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this or who looks around suspiciously whenever something wonderful happens, but sometimes I really can’t help but expect the worst. Does this make me a pessimist? Does this mean I dislike momentary pleasures? No, not at all! It just means that I recognize the pattern because the roller coaster of joy and sorrow really does seem to be the story of my life, which, by the way, is like a Korean Drama. There will be insane laughter and glee, and in about, hm, a week, I usually have feelings of rejection, loneliness, isolation, and dread. I’m a realist who knows for a fact that the crash is a bitch.

And I’m not talking any regular type of crash, I’m talking about the Wheel of Fortune type of crash:

Fortune X
The bigger the Wheel, the more dramatic the crash. God forbid you’re on its apex…

I would like to think that good times could last forever, but that clinginess and attachment is what gets me hurt every time. I apply what I consider reasonable expectations for situations, and get disappointed. I grasp for the high and yet at the same time, what goes up must come down. It’s funny because this is literally Buddhism 101: Don’t get attached bitch! It’s a trap! Don’t even bother getting on the wheel…

I’m not sure if people really understand this about me. Some of my frenemies have the nerve to ask “Why don’t you do x,y, and z with us? Why don’t you have ‘fun’?”

Frenemy (n): 1. a friend who is actually your enemy. 2. someone who claims allegiance and friendship but lacks the emotional and mental maturity and depth to develop it. 3. a person who’s friendship is so shallow that when something hurts you they are not only clueless, but they agitate your pain inadvertently.

Because I know that if I don’t remain somewhat detached, that crash is going to hurt like hell. So in the end, I choose to remove myself and keep a relatively level head: avoid getting too attached to anything, and mitigate my damages wherever possible. See? Its a pretty realistic perspective.

This is probably not the happy-go-luck post you were hoping for, but those will come when appropriate circumstances happen. ūüôā

Ace of Spades

File_004Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: Endings, Worries, and Trouble

The ace of spades is a peculiar card. It’s the card of power in games, but it is a card that heralds problems in cartomancy. Whenever the ace of spades pops up as an answer to the question, it is always best to reassess the situation because you are more than likely missing a key aspect which could change the tides and make things bode in your favor. It can also indicate that the querent is simply critically assessing the situation instead of necessarily making a solid decision. However, if the apex is turned downward in a reading about what someone is thinking, it tends to represent a sense of finality: the person has already made up their mind and there’s nothing that can be done to change it.

Apart from mental states, the ace of spades can indicate endings of various sorts, almost similar to the Death card in Tarot. Both cards will indicate transitions in which something is ending as it normally does. For example, back when I was in school, I remember the ace of spades (and sometimes the 6 of spades which has very similar connotations as the ace of spades) will pop up whenever I did readings towards the end of the academic year. In other situations, especially when coupled with the 6 of spades, the 5 of spades, the 10 of spades, or the 9 of spades, the ace of spades can indicate permanent and sometimes painful endings like death. It can indicate a relationship is about to end or that its time to apply energy elsewhere.

Yes, the ace of spades can indicate painful situations, but it is nothing to be afraid of. In matter of fact, it’s probably a good idea to contemplate on ace of spades-like things¬†as a reminder that what comes up must eventually come down. All good things must come to an end, so enjoy the moment but keep a level head.




Make a Wish!

Yesterday, I made a couple of sigils for people who had something they wanted to change in their life. Take a look at what some of them asked for:
TogethernessAnonymous: I want company, I don’t want to be alone.

Anonymous: I need focused inspiration
Mantra: Tam delun wahirsa (My mind is clear of impurities)
worryFrom a lovely lady named Yolanda:  Yolanda learns to live her life with fewer worries.
Mantra: Supir Layud Vanet Howav
Her sigil looks like something is blooming, so I made her mantra to mean “Yolanda develops a relationship with nature.

wiseLuke made a request to become more spiritually adept.
I paired that with a statement to become wiser every time he uses his wit.
Mantra: Taprasco Lezufi Howamed Yanaika

File_000 (9)A person who requested anonymity made the following request:
I want to experience uncontrollable laughter.
Mantra: Mahagad Franel Vetoju Zaciwas
“I find joy in unsuspecting places”

As promised, I am also working on a couple of sigils which can be used by anyone who wishes to make genuine changes in their lives. I should have it completed by mid-September.

Until then, do have a sigil request? You can purchase a sigil and its corresponding mantra for $5. I will draw one, make it into a vector (.png), and create a cooresponding mantra for you which will be available within 24 hours of your request.

Buy Now Button

Or, if you follow me on Facebook, you can send me a message with your request, and I will choose 10-15 requests to create sigils and mantras for. I plan on doing sigil requests every Sunday

So, Apparently, There’s Love, Love, and Love

With every breath, I choose.
With every foot step I take in life, I reaffirm my vows.
Where you go, I follow.


In¬†So You Think You Can…Magick?¬†I talked about how Warnock and Greer summed up the author’s criteria for a sage written in the Picatrix. It’s pretty insane.

I decided to do a no-no and jump directly to Book 4  Chapter 5 where the author talks about the criteria. Interestingly, he also talks about love. Since we were kids we have heard of stories telling us to love despite appearances, socioeconomic status, and heritage. It still holds true in the Picatrix as well, for the author talks about the importance of nurturing a virtuous love over lustful physical love.  He then continues to talk about the manner of love as it relates to the three portions of the human spirit:

The human spirit is divided into three parts, that is: the animal spirit, the natural spirit, and the rational spirit. If the Natural spirit of a man has conquered the others, he will be a lover of such things as food and drink, and nothing else; if the animal spirit has conquered the others, he will be a lover of nothing but conquering and surpassing others; while if the rational spirit conquers, he will be a lover of nothing but intellect, goodness, and knowledge.

He continues to say that indications of the sort of love that a person is likely to give would be based upon one’s Lord of the Nativity, also known as the Lord of Geniture. Venus as one’s Lord would indicate that one is a lover of women. Mars as one’s Lord will make one a lover of competition and dominance, and Jupiter or Mercury as one’s Lord would indicate that one is a lover of the mind, philosophy and rational thought. I found it interesting that he did not address Saturn, likely because it is the greater malefic. Equally likely is that I missed this information when I skipped from the translator’s introduction to the 4th Book ¬†without fully reading everything in between.

So I’ve actually been meditating on this concept for quite some time and trying to think of the implications of such a perception on love. I tend to avoid the belief that one is fated to any set system, even astrology, particularly because we can all choose to change our behaviors and ourselves at any given time. Ideally, anyways. I’m also sure that there is an some sort of ennobling and divine trait in one who is a lover of women or men or one who seeks competition. But then, I can only imagine what it is like to be something I am not and admire it. However, even this imagining is not the same as being.

Overall, I’m not too crazy about the “heterosexual man’s world” perspective in which this is written, but I knew I was going to encounter this before I even started the project. I think after I go about reading the rest of the book, I think I may propose my own two cents on the Lord of Geniture attributes for a more modern era.

If you’re willing to do the footwork and find our Lord of Geniture, I would definitely recommend checking out The Unlikely Mage’s blog. He throws a lot of information at you, but it will get you in the ball park of figuring out your Lord yourself.


Ace of Diamonds

File_003Numerical Value: 1

Key Concepts: New business offer, invitation, and a proposal.

Another lovely card to see in a reading that can indicate wonderful results are about to happen in real life. In questions about job prospects, both the ace of diamonds and the ace of clubs can indicate job offers. However, while the ace of clubs indicates business and entrepreneurial proposals, the ace of diamonds can indicate similarly but with the promise of monetary return.

When business matters are not involved, I have found the ace of diamonds to indicate that someone will either visit or call me soon. When I say visit, I mean literally visit. As in, come to your home, knock on your door, and give you a lovely surprise with their presence. When I say call, I mean all manner of communication that involves at least the voice: Skype, calling, hangouts, etc.

Finally, most sources indicate that the ace of diamonds can symbolize invitations of various types. While I can vouch that it can symbolize an invitation to hang out, I cannot vouch for it indicating a marriage proposal, particularly because it has never happened to me personally, and I have yet to have given a reading to someone who is on the brink of marriage. Oh how I look forward to the day when it will indicate a proposal from my dearly beloved!



Love Reflections from a Rite

Somebody said every day, was gon’ be sunny skies,
Only Marvin Gaye and lingerie, I guess somebody lied
We started discussin’ it to fightin’ then “Don’t touch me, please.”

Last night I dreamt that my ex-boyfriend deleted my Netflix profile on his account, and I panicked screaming that he never loved me. I had named my profile “Your Heartmate.” Well, clearly he never quite viewed me the same way. Its funny how I was willing to fight an army for someone who could barely gather the courage and gusto to fight to keep me. It still hurts, actually.

Ah! The wonderful dreams which wake me at 6:00 AM. More than likely it was a result of a magickal operation I did last night which was focused on helping me to shed that which is dead and obstructing my connection with whatever supreme deity does exist. I used the technique listed here: Frater-S’s Talisman Consecration Using Invocation and the Tarot

Of course, there were significant adjustments. Yes, I separated my space. However, the invocation was a different beast entirely. I started with the headless rite, continued with the Heptasphere, giving Archangel Michael a heads up that I would soon call upon him for invocation.

Since my¬†talisman was also a sigil cluster, I had to include charging the sigil into the procedures. After the invocation, I lit the black and white candle, similarly formed by hand in a triangular form, and chanted the solar seed syllable six times through it and to the talisman. I charged it in my normal way, chanting the mantra while looking at the sigil, and contemplating on the tarot cards as per Frater-S’s instructions. ¬†At the end, my head felt like it was puffy. Actually, it still feels that way. Here’s a picture of the set up:

I always try to do a short divination to see how things went during whatever operation I’m performing. Something interesting, geomancy (a simple 6 sided dice reading using Random.org) revealed that it was both a talisman and a sigil, but wouldn’t recognize it as one item. I found this quite interesting.

In any case, my dreams were energetic, enough to wake me two hours earlier than I normally do. I’m probably going to do this again.